Contact Lens

Patients who were previously unsuccessful in wearing contacts or were told that they couldn’t wear them are now enjoying the freedom that newer lenses offer. Individuals with prescriptions that in the past were too complex to be corrected now experience vision that is superior to that achieved with eyeglasses.

Advanced technology also affords greater comfort. A variety of materials are now available that conform to the shape and contour of the surface of the eye. When lenses fit properly, patients rarely experience discomfort or irritation. Comfortable lenses are essential in making a successful contact lens wearer and you can be assured that our doctors and professional staff will provide each patient with the most sophisticated, comfortable materials and designs while ensuring their highest quality of vision.

What’s Best for You

For those patients who are currently using bifocal glasses or reading glasses, multi-focal or bifocal lenses may best suit their needs. If near vision is your only problem, wearing a contact lens in one eye would allow you to focus well at a distance while enabling you to see up close without the hassle of “readers”.

We stock numerous lenses for contact lens fittings.